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On-demand fuel delivery service for cars, trucks, generators or any fleet of vehicles.

Generator refueling

India with unique challenge of uninterrupted power supply requires over 20 million residential

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Fleet refueling

Whether you are a local company with a small fleet or a national company with multiple locations

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Industrial refueling

From building roads, houses, tech parks, hotels, apartments to even building metros.

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All asset details
on one platform
Our customers can
monitor their fuel
consumptions, analyse
their fuel usage, generate
for audit &
budgeting purpose, and a
whole lot of other features
to avoid manual reconciliation
and accounting at no extra cost!!


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MyPetrolPump is an online platform to provide doorstep delivery of fuel for your generator (DG sets) / cars/fleet vehicles etc. in a safe, reliable, and efficient way. You can place your order online and get fuel delivered at your location in specialized Refuellers (MyPetrolPump Tankers) according to your chosen schedule. We are making refueling smarter!

We serve most of the locations in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. We will commence our service in other cities soon.

Our vehicles operate and provide deliveries between 6 AM to 3 AM.

MyPetrolPump sources fuel from authorized and selected dealers of oil companies near your location. We follow a strict quality assurance program to ensure every drop of fuel is checked for quality before it gets loaded into our Refuellers for delivery. We do not purchase or stock fuel prior to delivery. Fuel is sourced only upon receiving orders from customers.

Yes. Please contact us on 80 88 99 4444 and we will gladly help on-board you as one of our scheduled delivery customers.

Doorstep refueling is neither dangerous nor is it a new concept. Let us compare it with more hazardous gas fuel LPG. Over 18 million metric tonnes of LPG is consumed in India. LPG is a pressurized gas and has the risk of a BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion) Despite that, it is safely delivered to homes by thousands of small trucks that carry 2,000 to 20,000 liters of LPG. LPG is also being delivered to many consumers in metro cities through piped connection to the consumer's kitchen. In comparison, we carry the delivery of liquid fuel in small tanks of less than 2,000 Litre capacity. Diesel and Petrol are not pressurized and are much safer to transport, especially in small quantities. Our Operators are IRTE trained, in addition to being extensively training on the safe handling of fuel. Our Refuellers are designed and fabricated as per guidelines in the Petroleum Act and Rules by PESO (Petroleum Explosive Safety Organization of India). Additionally, they are equipped with spill containment kits, fire extinguishers, and first aid to ensure complete compliance and safety. Doorstep delivery of fuel has already been implemented in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Doorstep delivery of fuel like diesel/ petrol is safe. When you go to a petrol pump for filling your car, you expose yourself to a place where tens of thousands of liters of Petrol and Diesel are stored in decades-old underground tanks. You see tens of vehicles getting filled simultaneously causing the constant presence of inflammable vapor in large quantities. You may also notice several vehicles keeping their engines running while waiting to fill fuel, creating a potential hazard of fire. Now imagine a vehicle carrying a few hundreds of liters of fuels in airtight containers coming to deliver at your doorsteps. First, such a small amount of fuel dispensed to your equipment reduces the vapor generation or accumulation to nil. Second, there are no potential fire sources to cause ignition. These factors together nullify the possibility of any fire during doorstep delivery.

Virtually impossible! Diesel does not burn even in an open fire at the standard temperature & pressure conditions. For diesel to catch fire, it requires temperature in excess of 52 degrees Celsius AND compressed air AND accumulated vapor in certain quantity AND 90/10 mixing ratio of air with vapor AND a source of ignition. The probability of all these conditions to occur at the same time and to create fire during the delivery of diesel fuel is virtually zero. Please contact us if you need additional information on the safety aspects of our business. We will be happy to share factual details.

No. More than 5,00,000 accidents happen in India every year caused by more than 200 million vehicles on the road. Fire accidents or vehicle explosions during transportation of fuel is so low that there are no statistics available. Liquid fuel vehicles do not explode like they do in the movies! In the case of Diesel, which not only requires mixture with air but also compression to over 250 degrees Celsius to achieve autoignition temperature, the possibility of fire or explosion is almost nil.

Fuel is delivered at the same cost as available at your nearest fuel station plus a nominal delivery charge. We charge Rs. 199 for an order quantity below 200 Litres. For an order quantity of 200 liters and above, we charge Rs. 1 per liter of fuel ordered

We accept payment by NEFT, Online - Net Banking Payment, Online - Card/UPI Payment, and Cheque at the time of delivery. If you prefer paying Online using Cards, we recommend you to check with your bank if they levy surcharges on your card. If there is any surcharge by the bank/intermediary, it will be borne by you (customer). For our suggested Payment Gateway partners in the app/website - any excess charge incurred by the payment mechanism is displayed as "convenience fee" at the time of choosing the payment method. The same is payable by you (customer) over and above our charges and is collected by the Payment Gateway provider, and not by MyPetrolPump as a service charge.
Wallet Specific: You can use the Bank Transfer option to recharge MyPetrolpump Wallet without any additional payment gateway charges.

No- as long as the delivery Refueller has not been dispatched with your order. If you need to cancel an order, we recommend doing so before the start of your delivery.

You can use the Bank Account associated with your wallet if you can only pay through cheque as well

  1. Please write the to SELF- NEFT payment with the account details of ANB Fuel on the back (the account details are available in the My Wallet section of the app/website)
  2. This need to be taken by the bank by self/security and request a NEFT transfer.
  3. On successful completion of the transaction, you will see the the balance reflected in your wallet, which you can use for completing the transaction.

My Wallet is a closed Wallet offered by MyPetrolPump.
It serves as a prepaid instrument that can be recharged - and redeemed by placing orders on MyPetrolPump for delivery.
Wallets can be recharged either via Online Payments or via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/UPI payments to Customer Specific Virtual Accounts that identify the Wallet.
There is no Convenience Fee charged by Payment Gateways when the NEFT/RTGS/IMPS option is chosen to Recharge Wallets. It is an Account to Account Bank Transfer

  • Any adjustments with your Order Amount due to changes in Quantity delivered, or on Cancellation are adjusted with your Wallet.
  • Any excess procurement at the time of delivery can also be adjusted with your available Wallet Balance.
  • Past Pending Payments can also be settled with your Wallet Balance using the "Pay Now" option in the "My Orders" tab.
  • If you wish to withdraw the wallet balance, please send an email to along with your registered Email ID / registered Phone Number and the details of the beneficiary bank account/UPI handle.
    On verification, the amount will be refunded to the beneficiary account in 3-4 working days.

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Our services are now available in following cities Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hubli, Pune, Nashik, Hyderabad, Nalgonda, Siddipet, Goplapuram, Kakinada, Rajahmundry and Guntur

We will commence our service in other cities soon....

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