Fleet refueling 24/7

Whether you are a local company with a small fleet or a national company with multiple locations, you will benefit from a mobile refueling service of MyPetrolPump.

Traditionally, many operators send their fleet vehicles to nearby fuel stations and burn a huge amount of dead mileage while making these empty trips. Others ask their fleet vehicles to stop by a fuel station while commuting on the route. They lose productive hours waiting at fuel stations to fill up or in some instances. Operators take fleet vehicles, such as buses full of passengers and kids inside, to fuel stations. All these can be avoided by the on-site mobile refueling service of MyPetrolPump.


Save productive hours

The fleet of trucks that can be refueled while being loaded or unloaded at your factory or shippers' place. Additionally, If you are into tours and travel business, your buses can be refueled when they are parked in idle time for cleaning and shift change.

Eliminate misuse of fleet cards

Why hand over the cash cards or fleet cards to drivers when you can pay directly to MyPetrolPump for all your refueling needs. Avoid misuse of cash/fleet cards at fuel stations by drivers.

Eliminate risk of fuel theft

Get refueling done right inside your premises for every vehicle, secure the lock and live worry-free from any possible fuel theft from the tank. Mobile refueling at your site also eliminates the risk of driver colluding with fuel stations operator for possible fuel theft during filling. On average business in India assume up to 20% of losses against fuel theft! Why suffer on the losses on fuel theft while you can offer cost-saving to your customer and be more competitive.

Monitor your fuel consumption and save more

With MyPetrolPump on-site refueling, you can monitor your fuel consumption asset wise. If your business requires refueling in multiple locations, you can monitor fuel consumption site- wise as well. That would help you to not only effectively budget your fuel costs for each asset or business but also help you track any possible fuel theft form your assets.

Say NO to manual reconciliation

Our customers save a huge amount of time wasted earlier on manual reconciliation of refueling of each vehicle. With our real-time dashboard, our customers can analyze the consumption behavior of every vehicle using their mobile or desktop. Imagine if you are a company operating thousands of fleet vehicles across India!

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